Future in credit


Building a proprietary credit underwriting engine that gives lenders more confidence and borrowers a greater chance at working together.

A way to effectively analyse new to credit customers.

Using a combination of propriety data sets gathered from our own subsidiaries, data points correlating to behavioural changes and unique risk modelling,

Nishad Menezes
IAMXO Technologies LLP

Financiers have found that alternative credit scoring is more successful in assessing an individual borrowers risk versus traditional static credit bureau data.

Sana Solutions

A recipe of predictive modelling and machine learning to better identify the customer.

Financial wellness

Real-time financial insights to help customers achieve financial goals

Financial Access

Thin credit files and new to bank customers (migrants) have often not got the same access to finance.

Financial rehabilitation

Helping individuals who have been through financial stress to find credit and move forward.


Using data to understand borrowers better to build customised products.

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