Home loans can be complicated.
Sana Finance makes them easy.


Buying a house is the biggest financial decision. We educate buyers on the buying process and the loan process!

Post Loan Management

We promote long term financial sustainability. This means low interest rates and repaying the loan as early as possible!

Quick process!

Our streamlined credit analysis checks allows for a speedy turn around time, from enquiry through to you buying your new home.

Our Mission is to bring the average age of first home ownership DOWN!

Right now, the average age for a first home buyer in Australia is over 37!!

Sana Mortgages

A simplified approach to getting pre-approval and a personalised home loan. Personalised lending structures to achieve the long term objective of financial freedom. We extend our offering to allow you to invest with us (not in us). We invest your fees to ensure you are diversifying into other investable assets other than real estate. Too often, off the shelf lending products that don't cater for young buyers needs are on offer. We are looking to change this.

1. Free Learning

Education and knowledge is the foundation of our operation. Once we can teach, our borrowers can then invest with confidence and look to own their dream home.

3. Collaboration

We work together with our clients to analyse their financial capacity and loan options from our list of lending partners.

2. Introduction

Sana will introduce ourselves so we can learn more about your financial needs based on the property you'd like to purchase. We will analyse your needs and look to get you pre-approved.

4. Buy your dream home!

We settle your loan that you choose in no time at all. You earn your rewards and we manage your loan together so you can pay it off ASAP.

Our Lenders


What Sana Clients Say

Leave with knowledge, a new home loan or both!

Rachael – Sydney – 25 years

David provided us with a great first home buying experience. The application process through to purchasing the home with the loan was simple and straight forward. I learnt so much along the way which made the decision making process much easier. We were rewarded for our efforts! Thanks Sana

Xavier – Sydney – 29

I had received a new home loan through a different broker but decided to refinance my loan to get a lower interest rate. I applied through the Sana app and within days I was paying a lower monthly repayment and I was able to manage payments much easier.



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