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IAMXO Pty Ltd has created ‘Sana Finance’, a way to effectively analyse new to bank customers. Using a combination of propriety data sets gathered from our own subsidiaries, data points correlating to behavioural changes and unique risk modelling, Sana Finance creates the Sana Score. 

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New to bank customers have suffered from the traditional model of lending, based on their financial position, with data sources predominantly being sourced from the major Credit Bureaus. The problem this creates is a ‘computer says no’ scenario for these borrowers. Banks are losing the ability to analyse these new to bank customers, creating a gap whereby these thin credit file customers are being rejected with no clear underlying problems. For Gen Z and Millennial borrowers, as banks continue to say ‘no’, their credit files remain ‘thin’, creating even greater demand as time passes.

Credit where credits due!

Loans to achieve the long-term objective of financial freedom.


  • Analyse behavioural data from a financial literacy and capability results. When an individual finds understanding borrowing difficult and there is an educational gap, their willingness to repay the loan drops significantly.


  • Analyse data from property engagement and repayments. How an individual interacts with their home and where they spend the majority of their time, we can determine their ability and willigness to repay credit.


  • Borrowers will be required to undertake an interactive application that requests traditional financial touch points (as per the banks request) as well as alternative user data that allows Sana to create a more intuitive file for the banks credit analysts.

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