Debt Advisory Introduction

At Sana Group we offer our unique debt advisory services to small to medium-sized businesses in Australia that are looking to educate themselves on borrowing money and understanding what is the best solution for their business success. 

Debt advice and consulting is normally an exclusive offering to large corporate clients who are willing to spend a lot of money to structure their finances effectively. 

Sana Finance has a different approach, one that makes us a leader in the space. We are willing to work for the client to analyse their financial situations at a zero cost. We understand it’s difficult to manage your business operations and finances at the same time.

Sana Debt advisory

This free health check-up will allow us to identify if the client is managing debt finance stress, paying too much interest or taking on the wrong time of loan for the particular solution they are looking for. Our main objective is to find ways for the business to save money by one of the following ways;

  • Assessing adequate funding levels to ensure what size facility is required to not only maintain business operations but continue to grow and succeed
  • Implementing the appropriate debt structure, which ultimately means that we can develop or introduce a product that matches the businesses requirements
  • Undertaking a risk assessment to maintain equitable security and covenant provisions
  • We cannot let businesses work with rigid lenders. SMEs in Australia require flexible solutions. COVID-19 is a clear indication that businesses need to adjust quickly to unforeseeable events.

We believe that more than half of Australian businesses are currently taking on an inferior loan product. A product with terms and conditions that are better suited to the lender than it is to the borrower. With the latest reductions in interest rates, there are likely businesses who took on finance at higher interest rates who don’t have the time nor knowledge to reassess and undertake the same process again. 

Sana finance personnel are business recuperation and turnaround pros, business congruity is our definitive objective. We work to save the circumstance and limit misfortune through budgetary recreation. 

At Sana Finance, we bolster organizations to proactively deal with their position and secure their inclinations. Our specialists have the experience, knowledge and intellectual property to turn a business around and the business information to guarantee long haul accomplishment over a wide scope of segments. 

We likewise offer help to loan bosses, helping them survey the continuous reasonability of a business, recognize techniques to expand return, lead customer interchanges, and embrace formal procedures. 

Our system comprises experts including Certified Turnaround Professionals, Registered Insolvency specialists), CPAs, previous industry administrators, valuation experts, and speculation investors. 

Our Business Restructuring administrations spread all territories of corporate and individual indebtedness, business insolvency, business and corporate rebuilding, obligation understandings and turnaround the executives. Our group is knowledgeable about taking care of both intentional organization procedures and court-named liquidations and receiverships. Regardless of whether you’re an individual, chief or bank, the Sana Group biological system can bolster you.

The reality is that the lending space is relentlessly changing. 

Bank and non-bank Lenders need to provide the best value offerings to customers, they need to be agile, flexible and need to quickly take new products to market.

This is easier said than done, especially when using slow-moving, expensive legacy banking systems. 

This is where “customised lending” comes in. This term refers to an approach to the design and delivery of financial services based on the rapid and flexible assembly of independent, best-for-purpose systems, giving financial institutions the ability to better meet customer needs. 

Customised lending with Sana Finance is: 

  • Rapid – it permits you to apply nimble standards to construct, test and discharge new capacities within days or weeks. 
  • Flexible – it permits you to single out to consolidate frameworks in one of a kind ways making upper hands. 
  • Independent – it causes you to keep away from enormous stone monuments or extreme conditions on single organizations as potential bottlenecks. 
  • Interdependent – it depends on the need of the partner and the difficult set, regardless of whether it be client confronting or an inner procedure. 
  • Cost-effective – guaranteeing that we don’t give any superfluous expenses and extra expenses or charges just as guaranteeing we set aside the business cash.