Sana Free Health Checks

Introducing a free financial health check for growing SME businesses and their owners introducing a free financial health check for growing SME businesses and their owners


Sana in Italian is ‘healthy’, and this is the value Sana Finance hopes to bring to the small to medium business lending space in Australia. 

We are operating in a small local market and the window for growth is limited. Fixed costs are high, non-bank lenders only provide ‘emergency’ finance with exorbitant rates, while traditional bank finance particularly medium or long term finance for growth is mostly unavailable to SMEs unless secured by real estate. 

For this reason, many growing businesses are forced to operate unhealthily, bootstrapped with finance from family and friends. Taking on expensive loans with terms that simply don’t suit and will end up costing a lot more than a business can make is not a sustainable solution. 

We consider ourselves debt finance ‘doctors’. We study, analyse and evaluate all aspects of a business’s financial needs, then suggest a loan structure, products and lenders (both bank and non-bank) that will deliver an optimal longer-term cost-effective solution – for both the business and personal needs of the small business operator. 

How can we ensure that we are prescribing the best finance solution? 

Our people and our approach!

We are your dedicated relationship manager – working to customise a structure and solution that is bespoke to your needs. As Australian banks and non-bank lenders have adopted a siloed product-driven approach to lending, Sana continues to operate with the “lost” knowledge of old fashioned business lending.

Small business owners have much to focus on – the core business, the ever-changing and complex regulatory environment, as well as competition from big businesses amongst other things – no wonder there is little to no time to think about finances. 

Most importantly, we are independent and have access to over 150 banks, non-bank, and alternative finance providers. Our vast array of lenders provides us flexibility in our offerings as we understand that one size does not fit all and small business operators need to be fully aware of the options and opportunities available to them. There is more to debt finance than just loan amounts and interest rates. 

We want small business owners to take on debt finance only for the purpose of making more money! We want to see them succeed, we want to ensure the business is healthy and thriving with a long life ahead.




Sana Finance free health checks

Sana finance would like to offer all Australian Small businesses the opportunity to save money in the wake of Covid-19. 

The Sana Finance Care plan is offered to all Small Business Operators. We aim to dissect and examine the business, in particular, the financials and determine the areas where exposure to bad debt or unwanted bleeding is occurring. 

The Sana Finance care plan saves businesses $1-2m turnovers on average, $75000. The best part, if we cannot save your business money, it is completely free. 

To Register your business to undertake a Sana Finance Care Plan, please complete the following expression of interest, and one of the team members will be in touch.