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Offices Coming Allround Australia

We have personnel and partners all over the country. If you need a assistance with a loan we can help you.

  • Sydney, New South Wales
  • Manly, New South Wales
  • Central Coast, New South Wales
  • Dubbo, New South Wales
  • Byron Bay, New South Wales
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Adelaide, South Australia
Personalised Mortgages

Sana Home Loans

Pre-approvals and home loans for first home buyers as well as refinancing for all homeowners and property investors.

Mortgage Pre-Approvals

Mortgage pre-qualification is helpful to understand how much you are eligible to borrow from a lender.

Home Loan

Getting a mortgage, to finance a new home is easy with Sana. We will manage this process from start to finish with you.


Sana can help homeowners with saving money on their current mortgage, with finding lower interest rates or better loan structures.

Rent to Buy

We have partners that can assist buyers that don't have a current deposit, and who want to stop wasting money on rent and rather invest in their future property.

What is Personalised Finance?

Sana Mortgages

Starting out in the property market can feel overwhelming. Sana will manage this process from start to finish. Offering invaluable advice and guidance

  • Home Loan Education

    We think it’s important to educate you along the way to make sure you understand the ins and outs of a home loan. There is more than one scenario and therefore it is necessary that we give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your future.

  • Buyers Assistants

    We don’t want you to incur any unexpected costs and or stresses along the way. If you’re still searching for the right house, we can help you organise pre-approval so you know exactly how much you can spend on your first home. We have buyers agents who can assist you with the process if necessary to find your dream home.

  • Document Support

    We know it's sometimes hard to know what documents are required to give you the best chance at getting the best loan approved. Our expertise and technology assists clients in making the application process effortless.


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