Commercial Property Loans

Sana Finance is a debt finance advisory and lending expert that specialise in large scale property lending. The organisation focuses on loan amounts between $1M-$150M

The group offers new finance, refinance and debt restructuring to ensure that property investors, developers and builders are able to have access to debt finance to enhance their business model. We specialise in the below;

  • Undervalued quality and Defaulting Mortgages 
  • Purchase from banks and individual funds
  • New finance 
  • Refinance
  • Restructure of Debt and equity


Sana in collaboration with property buyers, assess and evaluate both personal and business needs in a holistic way, developing a tailored debt structure with our lenders specific to the client.

Our experienced group of analysts with strong property market knowledge, undertake a thorough due diligence and credit screening process to ensure that finance is given to only Sana standard’ borrowers. 

Our experts structure and arrange property finance in a unique way, to enhance the borrower’s strategy and ability to repay the loan.

We work with the borrowers so they have the ability to be dynamic in the way they manage their loans pre-placement, during the loan term and post financing